Tri-County Science Events

Tri-County STEM Fair

The 2024 Tri-County STEM Fair will be held February 12-14, 2024 at Adrian College.

Registration form - Registration closes Friday, January 12, 2024.

Students in grades 5th-12th in Hillsdale, Lenawee, or Monroe County are eligible to participate in this project-based learning science competition. Using a Scientific Method or an Engineering Design Process, students delve deeper into a concept or idea that interests them and share their learning.

2023-2024 STEM Fair Manual


Five Easy Steps

  1. Ask a question with a Subject, an Independent Variable, and a Dependent Variable.
    1. Example: What is the effect of the amount of sunlight (IV) on the height (DV) of a sunflower (S)?
  2. Conduct background research to formulate a hypothesis.
    1. Research information about the subject of your questions.
    2. Establish "what is normal" for the dependent variable.
  3. Design and conduct an experiment, recording all data in your handwritten journal.
  4. Analyze data and make conclusions.
  5. Communicate your findings through a display board and research paper.

Creating a Winning Project

Judges look for these characteristics in a winning project:

  • All required parts of a Science Fair project are included
  • Complete data reported in clear graphs, tables, or charts
  • Analysis of data to reach conclusion
  • Correct spelling on the display and in the research paper
  • Project data journal – handwritten, contains all mistakes, spelling not judged
  • Project shows creativity and presents a new concept or a new angle on a problem.  Using a commonly researched topic, one that the judges have seen year after year, is not a good way to win awards.

2024 Tri-County Elementary Science Olympiad

The Tri-County Elementary Science Olympiad will be held Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at Siena Heights University.

Student teams in 3rd-5th grades in Hillsdale, Lenawee, or Monroe County are eligible to participate in this science competition. The Elementary Science Olympiad encourages group learning by participation in team events, where students are challenged to think creatively to solve problems and answer questions.

Registration form - Registration closes Friday, January 26, 2024.


2024 Science Olympiad Event Overviews will be shared with Coaches from each participating school.