Our Mission

Our Mission

Through meaningful relationships, the LISD walks side-by-side in support of every learner through personalized service, innovative programs, and engaged leadership.

Our Vision

The LISD……the Journey starts Now.

Our Purpose

To empower learners and create opportunities for success.

Our Values

Through honest communication, mutual trust, integrity, and transparency, the LISD is an inclusionary leader in education that models the following core values with all of its stakeholders:

  • The LISD is a learner-centered organization that believes everyone is always learning and can gain knowledge anywhere, anytime, anyplace, at any pace from anyone.
  • The LISD embraces innovation by providing opportunities, motivation, creativity, exploration, risk taking, and experimenting.
  • The LISD believes that service is the fundamental reason the LISD exists.
  • The LISD will model an inspiring organization in the delivery of all its services.
  • The LISD is a future driven organization that embraces continuous improvement, change, new technology and will lead in research for academic, professional development and operational best practices.
  • The LISD will lead by practicing, cultivating, and developing leadership opportunities through service, partnerships, and collaboration.
  • The LISD will be a collaborative organization that seeks input, listens to students, local school districts and all stakeholders, embraces teamwork, and works together to improve opportunities and learning.