Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

What is the PAC?

The LISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is composed of parents representing the local school districts in Lenawee County. The committee meets regularly to receive and share information about issues related to students with special needs and to perform the advisory function described in the Michigan Special Education Rules. The parent members are a valuable resource for parents of children with special needs.

For more information, please get in touch with the LISD Special Education office at 517-263-8931.

2024-25 Lenawee Parent Advisory Committee Schedule

All meetings are open to the public, however only LPAC members may vote.

Meeting Dates:

August 8. 2024 (virtual)

October 10, 2024 (in person)

January 9, 2025 (virtual)

March 13, 2025 (in person)

April 10, 2025 (virtual)

June 12, 2025 (in person)

Time: 5:00 - 6:30 pm

In Person Location: LISD Tech Center

Visit the LISD Special Education Programs and Services Facebook Page for updates.

The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) gives parents an active role in planning their children's educational programs, monitoring progress, and challenging inappropriate decisions.  Though the role of advocate for a child is usually filled by parents, the laws allow for a surrogate parent to act in this role if the parents or other family members of a child with a disability are unknown or completely unavailable, if the child is a ward of the state, if the child is an unaccompanied homeless youth, or if the parent requests in writing that a surrogate parent be appointed for their child. In some cases, a foster parent may serve as the parent and no surrogate parent need be appointed.

Surrogate parents fulfill an important role in the life of a child with a disability.  Like parents, surrogates of children with disabilities are granted a significant decision-making role and are involved at every step of the special education process.  The absence of a parent can deny a child’s access to appropriate identification, evaluation, placement, and provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

Appointment of Surrogate Parents for Special Education and Early Intervention Services

Fact sheets from MDE explain special education laws and practices. The documents are easy to read and give links to more in-depth resources. Family Matters fact sheets are intended to enhance public understanding of Michigan's special education system and are not a substitute for official laws and regulations. Fact sheets are available in many different languages.

Parent Advisory Committee

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Michigan Alliance for Families is Michigan’s federal Parent-Training and Information Center. This organization has parent mentors to help guide you through the special education system. Reach out if you are interested in this support!

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