Biochemical Technology

Biochemical Technology provides us with solutions to real-world problems; from finding a cure for disease, to producing environmentally friendly fuel sources, and everything in between.  The Biochemical Technology program gives students hands-on experience with research-grade equipment used in the biotechnology and chemical industries. The course provides an overview of many different career types including microbiology, veterinary and medical sciences, biomedical research, chemical engineering, food science, water treatment, environmental science, forensics, and pharmaceuticals.  These fields are growing quickly and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 10% growth in job availability over the next decade.

Program Description

Students in this course will use state-of-the-art-technology and equipment and become well-versed in an expansive array of laboratory skills. Main areas of study include career exploration, lab safety & solution preparation, DNA technology, and microbiology & research fundamentals. In addition to studying biotechnology basics, students gain real-world experiences by performing hands-on experiments and partaking in numerous career exploration and preparedness activities with local employers.  Students will compete in HOSA career competitions and have opportunities to earn a plethora of industry certifications.  Returning second year students master their skill sets by aiding in lab preparations, mentoring, and conducting independent work/projects.  Students leaving this program will have a sound science foundation that prepares them for both college and the workforce.  

First Year Opportunities

  • Industry Certifications* (iCEV, Precision Exam, BACE, and more)
  • HOSA Career competitions
  • Job-Shadows
  • AP Biology or Environmental Sciences

Second Year Opportunities

  • On-the-Job experiences*
  • Science Fair Competitions (Tri-County STEM Fair & MSU - Arthur Berkey )
  • Independent Passion/Research Projects
  • College course (work time)**
  • AP courses**
  • Industry Certifications**
  • HOSA Career Competitions**
  • HOSA Cords (if 2 yr. HOSA member & 1 yr state participant)

*Students must pick from already established co-op or work extensions OR be proactive to set up an experience that compliments their skill set.  **Students have the option to recompete or retake qualifying certification/course tests they may not have passed in their first year.

Student Organization



  • Basic algebraic math skills (add, subtract, multiply, and divide)
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Canvas)
  • Write scientific reports and research papers
  • Interest in science


  • Work independently or as a team member
  • Dress appropriately for a laboratory environment (long pants, close-toed shoes, no contacts, lab coat, gloves, and safety glasses)
  • Good work ethic and consistent attendance
  • Initiative to learn new skills and topics
  • Follow directions and safety protocols
  • Complete assigned work in a timely manner; meet deadlines, prioritize tasks

Program Specific

  • Enjoy working in a chemistry/biology laboratory
  • Stand for long periods of time while working in the lab
  • Work safely in a laboratory environment with chemicals, hot and cold items, electricity, and water
  • Participate in HOSA activities and career development events
  • Conduct an independent research project
  • Work with cultures of microorganisms and chemicals which may have an odor
  • Work with some disturbing scenes including (fake) blood
  • Manually manipulate small tools

Note: Additional education may be required.


  • Laboratory Technician
    • Pharmacy
    • Water Treatment
    • Quality Control


  • Forensic Scientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Microbiologist
  • Veterinarian
  • Medical Doctor
  • Biomedical Researcher
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Nutritionist/Food Scientist
  • Water Treatment Specialist

*The LISD TECH Center recommends the academic credit listed. Credit can only be awarded by local districts.

  • 1.0 2nd Science (Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Agriscience)
  • 1.0 3rd Science (in lieu of)
  • 1.0 4th Math
  • 1.0 Online Learning Experience
  • 1.0 World Language (in lieu of)
  • 1.0 Visual, Performing, & Applied Arts
  • AP Biology or Environmental Science

*College credit can only be awarded by the college or university. Certain requirements must be met outside of completing the program.

  • Jackson College
  • Michigan State University
  • Siena Heights University
  • 10-hour OSHA certificate
  • YouScience exam - biotechnology
  • Various iCEV certifications
  • Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE)
  • College Board
    • AP Biology
    • AP Environmental Science

Elizabeth Duckett head shot


Liz Duckett attended the LISD TECH Center in 2011 and from there went on to pursue a Biochemistry degree from Adrian College. After 6 ½ years as an R&D Chemist working at Anderson Development Company, Liz was excited to return to her passion of helping others through biochemical technology. She is eager to share her experiences with her students and help them find their individual roads to a happy and fulfilling future.  If this program intrigues you at all, Mrs. Duckett, encourages you to reach out to her with any questions to see if this program is a good fit for you!

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