Hospitality Services

Welcome to the Hospitality Services program at the LISD TECH Center, where we prepare students for exciting careers in the dynamic world of hospitality and tourism. Our comprehensive program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in various hospitality sectors, including lodging, food and beverage, travel and tourism, and event planning.

Program Description

The Hospitality Services program at the LISD TECH Center is designed to support and empower students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to explore careers in the hospitality and tourism industries. Students will be introduced to the Hospitality and Tourism industry and learn about the diverse career opportunities within. Students will be exposed to several facets of the hospitality and tourism industry including customer service, basic food and beverage knowledge, lodging and accommodations basics and management practices. Student will practice many of these technical skills in our lab space that features various industry landscapes including a commercial kitchen, dining area, and hotel room. Students will become licensed Food Handlers in Lenawee County and participate in several real-world scenarios within the class.

To Be Successful

Successful students can work independently or as a team and display strong communication skills. Students who are motivated to provide exceptional customer service skills and the ability to think quick on their feet and problem solve will be successful. Lastly students who can manage their time effectively and showcase adaptability and flexibility will be well prepared for the hospitality and tourism industry.


  • Perform basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, weights, and conversions
  • Read and understand written material
  • Follow, understand, and implement written and verbal instructions
  • Complete and submit assignments within the given time frame
  • Perform basic word processing and computer skills


  • Follow rules and directions in the classroom and around power tools and equipment
  • Work independently and as a team player
  • Maintain a positive attitude; respectful to others
  • Adhere to professional standards of dress and behavior
  • Self-motivated, stay on task, good organizational skills, excellent class attendance, demonstrate flexibility
  • Communicate with others in a small group or a large, public setting
  • Able to work under pressure and multitask

Program Specific

  • Interest in one of the following career fields: culinary, marketing, management, travel & tourism, or entrepreneurship
  • Be aware of food allergies, dietary constraints, inability to touch raw meat products or any other issues that would prohibit preparing or tasting ANY types of food
  • Environment: Willing to work in a fast-paced environment, hot or cold conditions, using sharp knives, exposure to loud machinery, chemicals, fire, and hot grease
  • Manipulate small tools with precision
  • Stand for a period of 3 hours or longer
  • Lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
  • Enjoy working with others and outside customers
  • Attend after school events and/or student organizations
  • Housekeeper
  • Dish Washer
  • Line-Cook
  • Quick-Service Operator
  • Host/Hostess
  • Server

*The LISD TECH Center recommends the academic credit listed. Credit can only be awarded by local districts.

  • 1.0 4th Math
  • 1.0 Visual, Performing, & Applied Arts
  • 1.0 3rd Science (in lieu of)
  • 1.0 World Languages (in lieu of)
  • 1.0 Online Learning Experience

  • National Restaurant Association ServSafe Food Handler
  • Lenawee County Food Handlers Certification

Joelyn Roberts Head Shot


Joelyn Roberts is a native to Adrian and has lived here her whole life. She enjoys traveling in and out of the country, loves trying new foods, and enjoys mixology.  She loves spending time with her son Jace and watching him play basketball. Joelyn recently, and for many years, managed a bar/restaurant and has 20 years of experience. Joelyn’s first job in the industry started when she was 15 and was at a fine dining restaurant. This is where she learned what showing hospitality meant.

Joelyn has a passion in providing for others and takes joy in what she does. She is certified in food and alcohol ServSafe, Food Handler’s, and Tobacconist. Joelyn looks forward to helping teach and train students to build and utilize the skills needed to enter the professional world of Hospitality. Miss Jo is excited to grow into her role at the LISD, learn additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as she can.

Contact Me

Dawn Stetler head shot

Teacher Assistant

Dawn Stetler is excited to join the Culinary Arts team at the LISD TECH Center. She has worked the last two years at a small business bakery in the Waterloo area of Chelsea. Prior to the bakery, she was the Baking Technician within the SWWC Consortium at Saline High School. Her experiences at these establishments have given her the knowledge and insight of the bakery world that she cannot wait to share with the students.
She has two sons; the oldest lives in Michigan and the youngest recently moved to California. Her hobbies include gardening, trying out new recipes, visiting her children and family, and playing with her cat Coco.

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