Engineering, Robotics, & Mechatronics

The debate over global warming and climate change will continue for years to come, but we are charged with being good stewards of our planet. Society is also challenged with the production of higher quality goods and the improvement of quality of life. All of these are problems to be solved in part by engineers. Using the engineering principles and methods, students will build simple machines, will learn about different robot applications and build a competitive robot.

Program Description

This program brings together math and physical science. Students will explore engineering design, engineering science, and project management to build a competitive robot and other selected engineering projects. Students will collaborate by working on teams and with other programs to complete projects. The aim of this program is to prepare students for the technical challenges of the future.

To Be Successful

Successful students in this program usually enjoy creating and building projects and working with their hands. They typically have an interest in engineering design principles and robotics and have strong math and science skills.

Student Organizations

FIRST Robotics

Related Careers

Note: Additional education may be required.

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Hydraulics
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Machine Technician
  • Robotics ( installation, set-up, repair)

High School Credit*

*The LISD TECH Center recommends the academic credit listed. Credit can only be awarded by local districts.

  • 1.0 3rd Science (in lieu of)
  • 1.0 World Languages (in lieu of)
  • 1.0 4th Math

College Credit Opportunities*

*College credit can only be awarded by the college or university. Certain requirements must be met outside of completing the class.

  • Baker College
  • Ferris State University
  • Jackson College
  • Washtenaw Community College


Tim Fox spent twenty years in industry working directly with General Motors providing assembly tooling for their advanced vehicle development teams. Ten of those years his company was the exclusive supplier for prototype tooling for the Corvette program. In addition, Mr. Fox has also spent almost twenty years in education at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. He has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Interdisciplinary Studies and a master’s degree in Occupational Education (CTE), both from Wayne State University. His time at the secondary level included nine years as lead mentor for the G.E.A.R.S. FIRST Robotics team. He is married with two sons, two step-sons, a step-daughter, and a granddaughter.

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