Student Resources

The student resources found below are provided to current TECH Center students.  These resources are designed to help students find success within their TECH Center programs.  IF you are having trouble accessing any of the resources, please contact your instructor.

Student Orientation Video

Please watch the Student Orientation Video for an overview of some of the rules, policies, and procedures that we follow at the LISD TECH Center.

Student Orientation Video

Student LISD E-Mail

All TECH Center students are provided with an LISD email address which may be used as a main source of contact between instructors and students.

Student LISD E-Mail Login Site

Mandatory Student Needs Survey

The Student Needs Survey provides valuable information to TECH Center staff members to help assist in providing supports and additional resources that may be available to students of the LISD TECH Center.

Student Needs Survey

Google Classrooms

Students can use their LISD email login information to access their TECH Center program’s Google Classroom.

LISD TECH Center Google Classrooms Site

Need help navigating Google Classroom? Please see the link below to a Google Classroom Cheat Sheet guide created by Shake up Learning.

Google Classrooms Cheat Sheet Guide

SafeSchools Modules

SafeSchools modules are designed to provide safety training that can prepare students for the workplace.  All TECH Center students are required to complete the following modules: COVID-19 Awareness, Hand Washing, Social Distancing, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Sexual Harassment.  Please see your instructor for log-in credentials.

SafeSchools Student Site

Request Meeting with LISD TECH Center Staff

Student Services

Mr. Graf, LISD TECH Center Assistant Principal of Student Services, is available to meet with you to discuss the following areas:

  • Issue regarding a fellow student
  • Issue regarding grades
  • Issue regarding attendance
  • Social-emotional supports

Request a meeting with Mr. Graf

School Counseling

Mrs. Ritchey, LISD TECH Center Counselor, is available to meet with you to discuss the following areas:

  • Dual enrollment
  • Future college plans
  • Scheduling
  • Social-emotional supports

Request a Meeting with Mrs. Ritchey