Video & Audio Production

Video and audio professionals can be found in nearly every industry. Those employed in this field combine technical ability and artistic creativity to film TV shows, movies, commercials and documentaries. With improvements in video and internet technology making video more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, computer video skills will become more useful.

Program Description

Students in this class will learn to create video and audio projects, operate digital video and audio equipment and help to create videos for broadcast on LISD TV, the LISD’s cable station. Students work independently and in teams to learn the process of creating video and audio projects from concept to final production.

Students have the opportunity to produce a video for Courageous Persuaders, a national competition. All students are eligible to participate in SkillsUSA leadership events.

To Be Successful

Successful students typically have strong computer skills, are creative, enjoy hands-on activities, have good communication and time-management skills, meet deadlines and work well with customers.

Student Organization


Related Careers

Note: Additional education may be required.

  • Videographer
  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Audio Production
  • Photographer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Special Effects/Animation
  • Lighting/Sound Designer

High School Credit*

*The LISD TECH Center recommends the academic credit listed. Credit can only be awarded by local districts.

  • 1.0 3rd Science requirement
  • 1.0 World Languages (in lieu of)
  • 1.0 Visual & Performing Arts
  • 0.5 English Language Arts

College Credit Opportunities*

*College credit can only be awarded by the college or university. Certain requirements must be met outside of completing the class.

  • Davenport University
  • Ferris State University
  • Washtenaw Community College


Melissa Conklin, a 20-year veteran of the television and video production field, has worked as a television producer/director and as an adjunct professor at Grand Valley State University. She graduated from GVSU with a Bachelor of Science in film and video. Conklin was the recipient of the 2008 USA Today Courageous Leader Award.

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Teacher Assistant

Paula Skufis received her Bachelor of the Arts degree from Columbia College in Chicago. She worked in the film advertising department at OMD Entertainment on Disney’s cable television account. Paula is excited to translate her industry experience to the classroom.

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