Student Support Services

The LISD TECH Center is committed to the success of each and every individual student. To ensure the support of students and staff in the classroom, the LISD TECH Center has a team of professionals who provide leadership and unique services to strengthen core academic skills and increase student learning both at their local high school and in their CTE program.

Career Prep coordinators Katie Cole and Kim Dusseau help students at the LISD TECH Center and in schools across Lenawee County explore career choices, prepare for job interviews, and connect with businesses. Career Prep helps arrange LISD TECH Center tours, coordinates College Now, organizes Elementary Explorer Days and Payback for Education, assists with Career Cruising and presents LISD TECH Center programs in local districts, facilitates Career Prep meetings and payments, assists with various LISD TECH Center events, and more.

Counselor Sue Ritchey provides LISD TECH Center and JC/LISD Academy students with career, academic, and personal guidance while social worker Bennett Thomson helps LISD TECH Center and LISD PREP Academy students with social interaction programming and personal/family assistance.

The LISD instructional consultants Megan Paul (special needs), Lesley Taylor (special needs), and Gina Williams assist instructional staff with teaching strategies, curriculum support, lesson planning, standards crosswalks, data analysis, assessment planning and results, professional development workshops, and more.

Learning assistants Tracy Bris-Bois and Betsy Hall are in the classroom often working 1-on-1 with students to help with basic skills, study habits, learning strategies, and deliver learning services stipulated in students’ IEPs.

Students gain knowledge on-the-job by experiencing real-world work environments and situations. Work-based learning coordinator Lori Bradshaw works with students, instructors, businesses, and local school districts to create successful work-based learning opportunities for LISD TECH Center and local school district students.