CPI Indicators

Career and Technical Education programs are required through federal Perkins Funding to collect and track information related to student success. These Core Performance Indicators (CPI) information includes ELA, math, technical skills, graduation rates, and non-traditional student participation. The LISD TECH Center’s most recent CPI results are below.

Academic Attainment Reading CPI - LISD 54.1%, State Target 51.3% (above target)

Academic Attainment Mathematics CPI - LISD 29.0%, State Target 27.0% (above target)Technical Skill Attainment CPI - LISD 36.6%, State Target 45.9% (below 90% threshold)School Completion CPI - LISD 96.0%, State Target 95.0% (above target)Graduation Rate CPI - LISD 92.9%, State Target 96.0% (above 90% threshold)Placement Rate CPI - LISD 95.1%, State Target 95.0% (above target)Non Traditional Participation CPI - LISD 30.9%, State Target 27.0% (above target)Non Traditional Completion CPI - LISD 62.5%, State Target 35.0% (above target)