Who We Are

In summer 2013, Lenawee County superintendents agreed to work toward Collective Impact, utilizing the support of StriveTogether, a national non-profit organization committed to build the capacity of communities to dramatically improve educational outcomes. This began the effort to move educational impact from individual toward collective work. The first three years were marked by developing a cross-sector partnership with community stakeholders, identifying and selecting community outcomes, embracing a continuous improvement process for the work, and establishing the support for the management and operations of a community partnership.

In Fall 2016, the Lenawee Cradle to Career (C2C) partnership facilitated an education-focused effort to create a Lenawee County Strategic Plan. The LISD Board of Education sanctioned this planning effort. Fifty-three community members, recommended by district superintendents and the C2C Community Leadership Team, committed to the four-day (15 1⁄2 hours) planning process.

Participants represented the breadth of education perspectives including public, private, homeschool, charter, and virtual schools in addition to representatives from faith-based organizations, community agencies, students, parents, and the business community.

The result was the following five desired outcomes providing clarity and direction to the work of each C2C Student Success Network. 

  • The percentage of students scoring at benchmark for kindergarten readiness will increase from 50% to 85% by 2022, as measured by the BRIGANCE assessments, administered by local districts in the spring before students enter kindergarten. 
  • The percentage of students proficient in reading by the end of grade 3 will increase from 48.8% to 55%, as measured by the M-STEP 3rd Grade Assessment in spring 2020.
  • The learners of Lenawee County will be given opportunity to access and master content and skills through individualized (customized) learner-centered programming. 
  • The percentage of students graduating from high school earning a certificate of completion will increase from 86% to 100% by August 2023, as measured by the five-year cohort of the Class of 2023, as reported by the Michigan Department of Education.
  • The percentage of Lenawee County high school graduates enrolling in their post-secondary choices within the first year after high school graduation will increase from 66% to 73% by the end of 2019, using data from the National Student Clearinghouse and workforce databases.

The Lenawee Cradle to Career partnership utilizes Collective Impact. Collective Impact is a systematic, data driven approach to solving complex problems that involve a community-wide group of organizations committed to achieve:

  • Common agenda
  • Shared measurements
  • Mutually reinforcing activities
  • Continuous communication
  • Backbone support

As a county, we're working to move from individual action to collective impact.

To this end, Lenawee C2C is a part of the Lenawee County Collective Impact Council. The group consists of Lenawee Cradle to Career, Lenawee Essential Needs Council, Lenawee Financial Stability Coalition, Lenawee Health Network, and One Lenawee.

Collective Impact

  • A group working towards the same outcome,
  • Looking at student-level data,
  • To continuously improve practices over time.

Coordinated Impact

  • A group working on the same issue,
  • Sharing program-level data,
  • To identify best practices and align efforts.

Individual Impact

  • Individual practitioners working on specific issues,
  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data,
  • To demonstrate impact with individual students.

In Fall 2017, the school boards of every district in Lenawee County, including the LISD and Lenawee Christian School, passed a resolution in support of the five Lenawee Cradle to Career countywide desired outcomes.


WHEREAS, the Lenawee Cradle to Career: Pathways to Success Partnership is a network of community leaders committed to providing every child in Lenawee County with a quality education; and

WHEREAS, the Lenawee Cradle to Career Partnership consists of many members representing various sectors within the community including academia, business, industry, and nonprofit; and

WHEREAS, the Lenawee Cradle to Career Partnership members are committed to working together to make data-driven decisions which will best provide for the success of all Lenawee County students; and

WHEREAS, the Lenawee Cradle to Career Partnership has adopted five priority goals - ensuring every child is prepared for kindergarten success; ensuring that every student is proficient in reading by the end of third grade; providing every student with a customized education to meet their individual needs and learning styles; ensuring all students graduate from high school within five years; and ensuring that all students obtain a post-secondary credential which, if achieved, will improve the quality of life for all Lenawee County residents.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the this Board of Education supports the five priority goals adopted by the Lenawee Cradle to Career Partnership, and agrees to implement programs and services, which it believes can achieve outcomes that will lead to obtainment of those goals.