School Readiness

Be School Ready by Kindergarten

I know my shapes, colors, and letters. I am able to get along with others and process emotions. I am able to communicate and respond. My family is involved in my growth and learning.

Desired Outcome

The percentage of students scoring at benchmark for kindergarten readiness will increase from 50% to 85% by 2022, as measured by the BRIGANCE assessments, administered by local districts in the spring before students enter kindergarten.

County Progress

Lenawee County Community Outcome All Students Hispanic Students African American Students
Spring 2019 Kindergarten Readiness 48% 47% 39%
Spring 2018 Kindergarten Readiness 49% N/A


Spring 2017 Kindergarten Readiness 51% 43%


Spring 2016 Kindergarten Readiness 50% 35% 41%


A Key Readiness Indicator

Preschool experience (of any kind) proved to dramatically improve a child's readiness for school. Children with preschool experience are twice as likely to be academically ready, and more likely to be social-emotionally ready than children without preschool experience.

Academic Readiness

With Preschool: 51%
Without Preschool: 24%

Social-Emotional Readiness

With Preschool: 62%
Without Preschool: 37%