Enrollment, Enlistment, Employment

Be Enrolled, Enlisted, or Pursuing Employment within a Year of Graduation

If I am pursuing a degree; I have completed my FASFA, enrolled in a college or university and identified resources at my institution to support me. If I have chosen the armed forces; I have identified options within each branch and am connected to a recruiter. If I am pursuing employment; I have identified industry recognized credentials and am completing certifications necessary to advance in my field.

Desired Outcome

The percentage of Lenawee County high school graduates enrolling in their post-secondary choices within the first year after high school graduation will increase from 66% to 73% by the end of 2019, using data from the National Student Clearinghouse and workforce databases.

County Progress

Post-Secondary Enrollment within First 12 Months All Students Hispanic Students African American Students Economically Disadvantaged Students Students with Disabilities
Class of 2018 63% 62% 31% 49% 26%
Class of 2017 64% 60% 31% N/A N/A
Class of 2016 61% 50% 75% N/A N/A
Class of 2015 66% 57% 54% N/A N/A
Class of 2014 69% 53% 55% N/A N/A


Post-Secondary Completion within 6 Years All Students Hispanic Students African American Students
Class of 2011 35% 16% 17%
Class of 2010 32% 17% 14%
Class of 2009 32% 19% 12%