Student of the Day – Nomination Form

Download a copy of the Student of the Day Nomination Form (RTF)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is “Student of the Day”?

  • The Lenawee Intermediate School District (LISD) will once again be coordinating the “Student of the Day” recognition. You are encouraged to nominate students and submit them to the LISD. Then, WLEN Radio, The Daily Telegram, and LISD TV (Channel 902 on Comcast Cable) will salute these deserving students.

Who should I nominate?

  • Teachers are asked to submit one or two of their students to receive Student of the Day honors. As in the past, the goal is not to necessarily recognize the all “A” student, class president, or star football player. Its purpose is to recognize a student who is improving in his or her school work, doing something unique, or making great progress despite difficult circumstances. In order to be recognized, there needs to be a specific reason for the student to be honored. Please avoid general statements such as “good student” or “nice to have in class”. The LISD will not be able to accept nomination forms with just one or two sentences.

How do I nominate a student?

  • Please fill out the nomination form for each nominee as completely as possible. You increase the chances of your nominee being selected for the newspaper if you attach a photo. Please return the nomination form to Kathy Beyer at the LISD or via email to Also, please email the student’s school photo.

What if I don’t see my student in the newspaper?

  • Typically, the LISD receives approximately 100 more nomination forms than we have space for. Unfortunately, when you submit a nomination form, there is no guarantee that your student will be chosen. To increase the chances that your student will be recognized, be sure to include ALL of the required information – such as grade, teacher, parents names and a photo. Also, be sure the reason the student is being nominated is clearly identified.

How will students be recognized?

  • WLEN radio will recognize one student per day. The “Student Salute” will be made up from information submitted on the nomination form and will be played several times during the day on WLEN radio. On Saturdays, WLEN will recap the Students of the Day honored that week. The Daily Telegram and LISD TV (Channel 902 on Comcast Cable) will feature approximately six students each week including pictures and a short write-up taken from the nomination form.

Who do I contact if I have questions?