Welcome to Staff Resources

The Lenawee Intermediate School District (LISD) Staff Resources Department, under the direction of the Superintendent and in keeping with the LISD Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Goals, oversees the complete staff responsibilities. In addition, the LISD Staff Resources Department manages a variety of human resource functions for, and on behalf of, the 11 local general education public school districts throughout Lenawee County.

Department Goals:

  • LISD Staff: The LISD Staff Resources Department seeks continuous improvement in the delivery of services to students by making the LISD a better place for staff to work and be rewarded for their accomplishments. In addition to coordinating and promoting the annual Staff Recognition program, the Staff Resources Department oversees the Staff of the Month program, New Staff Tour/Luncheon program, Employee Assistance program, Wellness program, and other staff development programs.


  • Local Districts: By listening and proactively engaging the Lenawee County local school districts, the LISD Staff Resources Department seeks to provide efficient and effective delivery of human resource functions that can provide both labor and monetary savings to those local districts. Services such as employment recruitment, performance evaluation development, background checks, contracted labor coordination, benefit bidding/negotiation, and health insurance management, are just some of the services provided County-wide.
  • Community Partners: Fostering and serving community partnerships is also a focus of the LISD Staff Resources Department. County entities such as Lenawee United Way, City of Adrian, local service clubs, and other organizations work closely with the LISD Staff Resources personnel for the benefit of Lenawee County.


The following Staff Resources Department staff are available to serve you:


Dan GarnoDaniel J. Garno
Executive Director
Phone:  (517) 265-1608 E-mail:  dan.garno@lisd.us
 Julie Emmons
Administrative Coordinator – Employee Benefits & Staff Resources
Primary Responsibilities – Oversee Employee Benefits/Staff Resources, Compensation, Contracts, Certification, Leave of Absences, Family and Medical Leave Act, assist Executive Director.
Phone:  (517) 265-1607   E-mail:  julie.emmons@lisd.us
 Cindy Farmer
Insurance Consortium Secretary/Employee Benefits Specialist
Primary Responsibilities – Insurance Consortium Contact, PESG Mobile Registrar, Employee Benefits, COBRA, Flexible Spending, Workers’ Compensation/Staff Injury, PESG Red Light/Green Light, PESG Fingerprint Transfer Requests.
Phone:  (517) 265-1632    E-mail:  cindy.farmer@lisd.us
Amanda DavisAmanda Davis
Secretary – Staff Resources/Facilities & Maintenance
Primary Responsibilities – Verification of Employment, Facilities/Building Usage Requests, New Staff Tour, SafeSchools, SchoolDude and STAGES Assistance, Staff Recognition.
Phone:  (517) 266-4829 E-mail: amanda.davis@lisd.us
Courtney WilliamsCourtney Williams
Secretary – Facilities Maintenance/Staff Resources
Primary Responsibilities – New Employee Onboarding, Fingerprint Appointments, STAGES, Staff Resources Questions.
Phone:  (517) 265-1667 E-mail:  courtney.williams@lisd.us
Kathy BeyerKathy Beyer
Administrative Secretary – Staff Resources/School Support Services/Safe Schools
Primary Responsibilities – Job Postings, Interview Scheduling, Volunteer Information, Background Checks, Student/Educator of the Week, Staff Photos/ID Badges, MERT First Responder, Crisis Response Procedures, AED and Safety Drills.
Phone:  (517) 265-1635     E-mail:  kathy.beyer@lisd.us

Verifications of Employment

Verbal verifications of employment are limited to releasing if the individual is currently employed. If you need additional information, you may fax your request along with a signed release (please note that electronic signatures are not accepted) to (517) 266-6987.