College Credit

Through a partnership with the Siena Heights University Graduate Teacher Education Program, some LISD Professional Development Center multi-day course offerings have the option of earning graduate level credit.


In accordance with our agreement through SHU, interested participants must submit payment ($298 per semester hour, payable to Siena Heights University) together with their registration paperwork at the first class session. The SHU Business Office (517.264.7110) can provide details about payment options.

To earn graduate credit for attendance at an approved course:

1) You must attend and participate in every scheduled session (attendance recorded).

2) You must satisfy all of the expectations of the facilitator.

3) Write a double-spaced, three- to five-page typewritten paper (1″ margins) which gives thorough answers to the following four reflection questions:

  1. How will the skills and knowledge gained from this professional development training impact or change your instructional practices in the classroom (or your administrative/work practices at your school district)?

  2. How will the skills and knowledge gained from this professional development training increase student learning (and/or overall effectiveness) at your school/district?

  3. How does this professional development experience align with your school (or district) improvement plan(s)?

  4. Discuss one or more follow-up activities you plan to engage in which will support and extend your professional learning as it relates to the skills and knowledge gained through this workshop/course.

The reflection paper is generally due two weeks following the end date of the course. Complete details are available on the first day of class.

Persons participating in a TED599 reduced tuition course should also note:

  • The graduate-level course is offered ONLY on a credit/no credit basis. SHU’s Graduate College may accept such credits, but only up to a maximum of six (6), and only per program director approval, toward a graduate degree from SHU.
  • Credit status cannot be altered at any time.
  • Credit for an SHU graduate-level course indicates that the student’s work has earned at least the equivalent of a B- (or 81%).
  • Some institutions (such as certain school districts and universities) may NOT deem credit/no credit grades as acceptable for purposes of transferring in credits or using credits towards a pay scale increase, etc.