LISD Programs & Services

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Adult MoCI Class at the HOPE Center

Edith Hong, Supervisor
(517) 265-1688

The HOPE Community Center supports adults with Moderate Cognitive Impairments (MoCI). This classroom focuses on independent living skills and socially appropriate behavior. Classes focus on transportation, community based instruction, physical wellness, household activities, and volunteering.

Adult SCI Class at the Trenton Hills Learning Center

Jen Ellis, Supervisor
(517) 265-1684

The SCI classroom at Trenton Hills supports students with Severe Cognitive Impairments ages 16 through 25. The students work on functional curriculum which includes academics, daily living and communication skills. Students also participate in a variety of community-based instruction activities throughout the year.

Adult Learning Services at the LISD TECH Center

Jack Townsley, Placement Services and Adult Learning Supervisor
(517) 265-1713

Tuition based, online, and face-to-face opportunities (morning, afternoon, and evening classes) are offered for adults in various areas such as advanced manufacturing, automotive repair/maintenance, computer applications, finance, and other interest areas. Businesses can also take advantage of customized trainings for their employees. Over 60 classes are offered to more than 750 adult learners per year.

Adult Transition Support Services

Edith Hong, Supervisor
(517) 265-1688

Adult Transition Support Services (ATSS) is a program for post-secondary students with an IEP who have not received a high school diploma. It is an individualized program based on the student’s post school outcomes and goals. The current student need has programming based on volunteerism, daily living skills, recreation and community involvement. These activities will aid the student in participating as independently as possible within their home and community. Please see attached flyer for more information.

LISD Career Preparation Services

Jane Castle/Kim Dusseau
(517) 265-1665

LISD Career Preparation Services (K- 16) is designed to give all students a focused start to their career planning by providing options for exploring a variety of career opportunities throughout their K-12 education. Career Prep Services emphasize the application of academics to the world beyond the classroom by providing students with career exploration, guidance opportunities, and employability and technology skills. Students in grades 7-12 utilize a tool called Career Cruising to complete an Educational Development Plan (EDP). Career Exploration Camps are offered to students in grades 2-8.

LISD Center for Educational Materials and Technology

Mellissa Wilson, Director
(517) 265-1638

LISD Center for Education Materials and Technology (CEMaT) services include a lending library of educational and technology resources, the use of current software and computer stations, the Creative Corner and Multimedia Support Center, and videoconferencing services. CEMaT also offers/supports web-based resources for school and home use, such as the Lenawee Digital Depot (Learn 360), NetTrekker d.i., Gale Databases, and Moodle.

LISD Center for a Sustainable Future

Shelley Jusick, Principal
(517) 263-2108

The LISD Center for a Sustainable Future is comprised of 75-acres of open fields and woodlands. Upon completion of current construction projects, students will have the opportunity to benefit from a “net-zero energy” education facility that will utilize renewable energy sources. The Center is designed to offer a hands-on experience in agriscience, biology, alternative energy, and basic research in the areas of sustainable practices.

LISD Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Edith Hong, Supervisor
(517) 265-1688

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) program provides an educational environment to support students in the academic and social environments through total communication. Teachers of the DHH program stress literacy skills, support the general education programming, teach American Sign Language (ASL) and introduce the students to the Deaf Culture in the community. The program services students from elementary through high school.

LISD Instructional and School Support Services

Kathy Campbell
(517) 265-1619

LISD Instructional and School Support Services staff are available to assist area educators with their curriculum, instruction, assessment, data, educational technology integration, and school improvement needs. Additionally, more than 175 professional learning opportunities are coordinated annually through the LISD Professional Development Center including a county-wide and multicultural professional development day. These, together with many other educational supports and services, are available to all Lenawee County school personnel, agency staff, parents, community members, and college students.

JCC/LISD Academy: A Regional Middle College

Kim Dusseau, Principal
(517) 265-16561

The JCC/LISD Academy is a collaborative education venture between the LISD, the 11 public school districts of Lenawee County, and Jackson Community College (JCC). The program is designed to deliver ‘intensive care’ education to underserved students. All Michigan’s state core high school graduation requirements are taught by highly qualified instructors, with the benefit of low student to teacher ratios. In addition to completing the required high school requirements, each student has the opportunity to obtain an Associate’s Degree through JCC.

LISD Laura Haviland Program

Julie VanBlack, Supervisor
(517) 263-5021

The LISD Laura Haviland Program offers services for individuals who function as having severe emotional impairments. Classrooms, school social work, and transition supports for this program are located at the LISD Milton C. Porter Education Center. Placement for students is determined through the Individual Education Planning (IEP) process.

Maurice Spear Campus

Julie VanBlack, Supervisor
(517) 263-5021

The Lenawee Intermediate School District provides services to students across Lenawee County. These services transcend the traditional school setting and include students who are in residential placements. This includes our youth in the Maurice Spear Campus. The Maurice Spear Campus (MSC) is a 66-bed, county-operated detention and treatment facility. The staff are dedicated to helping troubled youth and their families by providing a safe and secure environment for residents and staff. Educational services are a key component in helping these students get their lives back on track. The education staff at MSC has worked diligently to improve programming efforts to ensure students have the best chance in transitioning back to their school district. These efforts have proven to be extremely successful!

LISD MoCI at Sutton, Adrian MS 7/8, Adrian HS

Alena York, Supervisor, Sutton
(517) 265-1681

Services for individuals who function as having Moderate Cognitive Impairments are available at Sutton Elementary, Adrian Middle School 7/8 and Adrian Sr. High School

LISD Multicultural Programs

Kathy Campbell
(517) 265-1619

Multicultural leadership, awareness, and educational programming are offered and supported for students, families, and staff through the LISD.


Beth Abbott, Supervisor
(517) 266-1917

This is an alternative high school for teenage parents located on the LISD TECH Center campus. Free, on-site licensed child care is provided. Opportunities are encouraged for students to also enroll in LISD TECH Center career programs and/or dual enroll at Jackson Community College while working towards the successful completion of the student’s resident district high school graduation requirements.

Project SEARCH

Jody Howard, Director of Special Education
(517) 263-8931
Edith Hong, Supervisor
(517) 265-1688
Kurt Kominek, Coordinator
(517) 265-0325

Project SEARCH is a business-led collaborative in which students with disabilities who are in their 12th or 13th year of high school can participate in a rotation of three internships at ProMedica Bixby and Herrick Hospitals. These internships will provide a way for students to explore and develop work skills–with the goal of competitive employment! Sample areas of hospital internships include mail delivery, stocking, patient attendant, patient billing, clinic areas and radiology.

LISD Special Education

Jody Howard, Director of Special Education
(517) 263-8931

The LISD offers individuals with identified disabilities, birth through age 25, a wide range of special education interventions, programs, and services determined by their Individual Education Plan (IEP). These supports include teachers, teacher assistants, support staff, and related services staff, such as school psychologists, school social workers, speech and language pathologists, physical/occupational therapists, teacher consultants, and administrators. The LISD provides these services to all 11 local public school districts, private schools, and registered home schools in Lenawee County.

LISD STEM Student Services (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

Kyle Griffith
(517) 265-1610

LISD STEM Services partners with Hillsdale-Lenawee-Monroe Mathematics and Science Center and Stubnitz Environmental Education Programs (SEEP) to increase STEM literacy and understanding for Lenawee County students and educators. Student programs include 2-8 grade Career Exploration Camps, Science Fair, Science Olympiads, and environmental education field trips. LISD STEM Services also partners with Lenawee districts in providing support and assistance with the implementation of both Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and Engineering is Elementary curricula for students in grades K-12.

SXI Elementary Program at the Porter Center

Jen Ellis, Supervisor
(517) 265-1684

This elementary classroom is for students with Severe Multiple Impairments (SXI) and is located at the Porter Center. Two major curriculum focuses for this classroom are the development of social communication and motor skills. The classroom employs whole group, small group, and individual instruction. It supports a team approach, including therapists to develop the program, activities and teaching strategies. Instruction is based on the curriculum, best practices and the individual needs of the students. Assistive technology is integrated into the classroom daily routine to support student learning.


Shelley Jusick, Principal
(517) 263-2108

The LISD TECH Center offers 24 career technical education programs to all Lenawee County high school students. Articulation and dual enrollment opportunities are also available for students to earn college credit while still attending high school. Students receive career counseling services in support of their Educational Development Plan (EDP).

The LISD TECH Center partners with local Lenawee districts to provide support and assistance with the implementation of Project Lead the Way (PLTW) engineering curricula for students in grade 9-12. Many Career Exploration Camps are offered for students in grades 2-8 on Saturdays and during summer months.

Work Support Services

Edith Hong, Supervisor
(517) 265-1688

Work Support Services is a program designed to provide real-world employment experiences for high school students with various disabilities. Students experience work related skills such as acquiring new job tasks, adhering to work policies and rules, developing soft employability skills and learning the importance of attendance and appropriate personal hygiene. Students also update their educational development plan, create resumes and learn how to fill out job applications.

LISD Young Children Services

Megan Karpinski, Supervisor
(517) 263-8931

LISD Young Children Services offers children birth to 5 years old and their families developmental assessments, evaluations, and coordinated services. These services include the Early On continuum for children from birth to 3 years old, Lenawee’s CHILD (parent and child interactive learning), preschools at three LISD campuses and local districts, and special education assistance for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at various sites across Lenawee County.

Build Up

There are many milestones your child will demonstrate between ages 3 and 5 that help to determine the rate of his or her development. As a parent, you want to prepare your child for everything. If you notice that he or she may have a developmental delay, call Build Up for help. Build Up offer free services for children ages 3 through 5 years, right where they learn; in their environment, at their speed, for their future.

Build Up helps you address issues such as speech difficulties, learning disabilities, and social skills. We understand that children sometimes require additional support while they learn to read, write, speak, share and interact. If your child is experiencing development delays, contact Build Up today by calling the MI Special Education Information line at 1-888-320-8384, or by contacting the Lenawee Intermediate School District.

Lenawee Intermediate School District
Director of Special Education
2946 Sutton Rd. Adrian, MI 49221
(517) 263-8931 or Toll Free (888) 444-8144