Lenawee County Debate Tournament Held on December 13-14

Lenawee County Debate Tournament Held on December 13-14

High School Debate Teams from Adrian, Blissfield, Hudson, and Lenawee Christian held a two-day tournament on December 13th and 14th. Students competed affirmative or negative on the issue set by the MIFA, Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic and/or diplomatic engagement with the People’s Republic of China.” At the novice level, teams from Blissfield (represented by Max Freeland and Brody Friess) and Hudson (represented by Erika Grondin and Carson Price) competed in the final round, with Freeland and Friesswinning the first place trophy for Blissfield. At the varsity level, Halie Lacy and Reilly LaRose from Lenawee Christian competed against Crosby Slupe and Christian Terada from Adrian. After a very close debate, Lenawee Christian’s team of Lacy and LaRose won the varsity first place trophy.

Top speaker ribbons from the scrimmages this season were awarded to:

Adrian (novice): Keito Pifer, Storm Frank, Hailey Trusty, Brooke Galvan, Gaige Busch-Johnson, Payton Perry-Radcliffe, Alex Burciaga, Lilly Wilson (varsity): Crosby Slupe, Sydney Brown, Christian Terada, Meg Hendricks, Matt Germain,


(novice): Andrew Coopshaw, Andrew Brown, Max Freeland, Brody Friess, Dathan Tomasek, Evan Strahan, Gwen Wheeler, Allison Alexander, Kimi LaMontain, (varsity): Taylor Cantrell, Camryn Patton, Kendal Duval, Austin Hall, Allison Webber

Hudson (novice): Carson Price, Erika Grondin, Luke Ady (varsity): Jared Kaczor, Tayler Rearick, Kennedi Price, Sydney Feekings, Harley Sholl, Brad Hayes, Mya Shirey, Zander Stiverson, Kenadee Marry

Lenawee Christian (novice): Ray Botzke, Samuel Spaulding, Ethan McClellan, Mark Stroh, John Robert Gamel (varsity) Erica Wilson, Halie Lacy, Reilly LaRose, Danielle Miller

Top speaker plaques, based on total points earned this season, were awarded at the varsity level to: Christian Terada (Adrian), Crosby Slupe (Adrian), Jenna Andrix (Blissfield), Taylor Cantrell (Blissfield), and Brad Hayes (Hudson). Plaques at the novice level were given to: Ray Botzke (Lenawee Christian), John Robert Gamel (Lenawee Christian), Max Freeland (Blissfield), Ethan McClellan (Lenawee Christian), and Kimi LaMontain (Blissfield).

Overall, 79 high school students participated in the debate program this season. Preparation for the season included research and reading on the topic, learning a “new debate language”, and developing abilities in: logic, reasoning, fundamentals of supporting a claim or position, how to work with a partner and organization. Developing critical thinking and extemporaneous speaking skills are also an important part of the work. The coaches worked diligently with students this season, helping them master and display their public speaking talents. Attending the scrimmages held in October and November were students from Adrian High School, Blissfield High School, Hudson High School, and Lenawee Christian High School.

The Lenawee Intermediate School District sponsors the Lenawee County Debate competitions under the direction of Emma Brooks, LISD Student Events Coordinator. Scrimmages and the tournament were held at the Adrian First Church of the Nazarene.

Pictured above: Winners and Runners up of Novice and Varsity 2016 Debates. L to R- Novice runners up Carson Price and Erika Grondin (Hudson), Novice champions Max Freeland and Brody Friess (Blissfield), Varsity winners Halie Lacy and Reilly LaRose (Lenawee Christian), Varsity runners up Crosby Slupe and Christian Terada (Adrian)

Picture below: Lenawee Christian student, Halie Lacy defends her affirmative case in the final Varsity debate.
Lenawee Christian student, Halie Lacy defends her affirmative case in the final Varsity debate.