July 2018 Staff of the Month

July 2018 Staff of the Month

Meet Courtney Williams, Employee Benefits Specialist, the July 2018 recipient of the STAFF OF THE MONTH AWARD.

Courtney stepped into the role of Employee Benefits Specialist in March of this year. During her short time in this position, Courtney has hit the ground running with frequent communication to the Lenawee County Insurance Consortium (LCIC) and handling the first meeting; which included accepting insurance plans into the LCIC. She also took the lead to assist Hillsdale County school district with possible efforts to join the LCIC. She has done a wonderful job with the communication at all levels, including Hillsdale superintendents and business office personnel.

In addition, the ERC group insurance renewal information was received within weeks of Courtney starting her new position. The insurance rate information required her to put together insurance co-pay information; which included both a blending of insurance rates for 18, 12, and 6 months. She put together an insurance overview of important facts for staff. All of these documents were presented to the ERC representatives and to staff so that everyone had all of the necessary information to make their insurance decision. Courtney also changed the procedure of completing insurance paperwork to make the process easier and more efficient for staff. During this time, numerous staff have indicated how helpful the information was as it was put together in a way they could understand. Staff have also commented that the communication they received was more thorough and helpful than what they have received in the past.

By putting the documentation into multiple formats and taking the time to speak and meet with staff, Courtney has demonstrated that the LISD is a learner-centered organization and that each person can gain knowledge. She also has demonstrated that honest communication is valued by staff and they appreciate the service provided to them. Courtney’s knowledge of insurance has been invaluable and she is to be commended for assisting in moving the LISD Mission forward.

Courtney has truly shown the LISD Values of honest communication, that service is the fundamental reason the LISD exists, that the LISD is a learner-centered organization that believes everyone is always learning and can gain knowledge anywhere, anytime, anyplace, at any pace, from anyone, and through meaningful relationships, the mission of the LISD can be achieved.