July 2017 Staff of the Month

July 2017 Staff of the Month

Meet Josh Snead, Health Care Assistant, the July 2017 recipient of the STAFF OF THE MONTH AWARD.

Josh is always a pleasure to work with – every day he greets students and transportation employees with a smile and a great attitude. Taking multiple students at a time from the busses to their classrooms is not unusual for him.

In addition to his support loading and unloading students from the bus, Josh always takes the time to answer transportation staff questions about student needs. The support is extremely valuable to transportation staff as the information and support helps to eliminate fears and increase comfort working with students with diverse needs. Josh’s passion for helping students does not stop at the bus. In the classroom, Josh ensures support procedures are followed so all students’ therapy and care needs are met.

At the end of the day, Josh helps load students and their coats and bags back on the busses. When finished, he always wishes everyone a good evening with smile.

Josh’s job performance promotes exactly what the LISD stands for!