JC/LISD Academy students earn the 6th highest average SAT score in Michigan

JC/LISD Academy students earn the 6th highest average SAT score in Michigan

As representatives of the JC/LISD Academy and their local school districts, 11 current high school seniors ranked 6th in the state among public schools with their spring SAT scores. The group’s combined average score was 1228, which would place individually in the 77th percentile and is well above the SAT’s combined College and Career Readiness Benchmark of 1010.

Kyle Griffith, Assistant Superintendent – Instruction and General Services for the Lenawee Intermediate School District, attributes this success to the collaboration between the solid educational foundation from the 11 local school districts, as well as homeschools and private schools, and the rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum and environment of the JC/LISD Academy. “Having these students represent Lenawee County to this high of a standard is very telling of what our local students are capable of achieving,” said Griffith.

Mary Kate Bossard, a senior attending the Academy through Blissfield Community Schools, believes the group’s SAT success is tied to the tactics learned from exposure to college courses. “The college classes really helped with analytical thinking, not just using information you know but determining the best way to solve problems.”

Samantha Payne, a senior attending the Academy through Tecumseh Public Schools, believes the balanced structure of guidance and self-driven work plays a role in the academic achievement as well. “It’s a great place for opportunities and success, moving us forward to the college and career world.”

The Academy, located on the campus of LISD TECH Center and Jackson College, is designed to fully immerse high school aged students in the post-secondary learning environment, while affording them the opportunity to complete a high school diploma and earning free college credits. Seventy Lenawee County students were enrolled in the program for the 2016/2017 School year.

Pictured above:  JC/LISD Academy student Mary Kate Bossard (Blissfield)