Virtual Field Trips

We often utilize videoconferencing equipment to engage in interactive video lessons or “virtual field trips” that align with curricula.

The best videoconference field trip sessions are more than just talking heads. Good videoconferences engage students in meaningful discussions not otherwise possible or lead them in multi-sensory, hands-on activities.

Content providers can be found the world over and are as diverse as:

  • Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor survivor series interviews
  • Buffalo Zoo distance learning programs from Buffalo, NY (see photo at right)
  • The Center for Puppetry Arts hands-on sessions from Atlanta, GA
  • Knee Replacement Surgical Suite from COSI Columbus , OH
  • Watershed Ecology from the Cranbrook Institute of Science in MI

Educators can search the TWICE Videoconferencing Database to find opportunities. For more information, scheduling, and implementation contact Greg Marten.