Opportunities to Collaborate

Whether you have access to Skype, Facetime or a full room videoconferencing system, there are multiple opportunities throughout the year for your students to collaborate with students from other classrooms around Michigan and the world via interactive video. As opportunities arise, they will be posted here. In the meantime, consider visiting the Collaborative Projects tab on the helpful TWICE web site.

If a project does not exist, create one of your own. We are only limited by your imaginations.

  • Host a virtual debate
  • Practice communicating in a different language
  • Collect local scientific data, then share and compare/contrast with data from another locale
  • Have your students teach and learn easier ways to solve math problems
  • Swap painting techniques
  • Have a poetry fest
image of students engaged in a videoconference


Q: Why should my students have a live video connection with another classroom?
A: Live, 2-way video connections allow your students to communicate directly with people from different places for a variety of purposes, just as adults do in many careers today. They can share expertise, problem solve, develop new ideas, compare and contrast, etc.

Q: How would a project align to the curriculum?
A: Careful planning by teachers will ensure that any given project aligns to Michigan GLCEs or HSCEs. Be sure to ask, what will my students know or be able to do as a result of this activity? How does the activity help to reach benchmarks?