February 2017 Staff of the Month

Meet Bradley Schoonover, Teacher Assistant for the LISD, the February 2017 recipient of the STAFF OF THE MONTH AWARD.

As a Teacher Assistant, Bradley demonstrated “above and beyond” work performance while the teacher for the classroom (where Bradley is the Teacher Assistant) was off on eight weeks of medical leave. During the leave, Bradley provided quality instruction and daily operations continued to take place. He provided instruction and supervision to the Machining and Computer Aided Manufacturing class in the lab and classroom without having any issues with student discipline. He coordinated the volunteers helping with the class and set expectations with substitutes to ensure they were helpful in the lab. He maintained the grade book and completed necessary daily paperwork. Bradley worked with a machine manufacturer to obtain a part to repair the belt and disc sander. He organized and facilitated the local Skills USA machining competition and determined which students qualified for the regional competition. Bradley registered the students for the Region 1 Skills USA competition and registered students for the annual reverse job fair.

Thank you to Bradley Schoonover for going above and beyond for the students at the LISD TECH Center!