Educational Technology for Lenawee County Schools

The LISD Educational Technology program exists to help educators in Lenawee County effectively integrate technology resources and best practices into the classroom curriculum through the development of a digital-age learning culture.

Program Objectives:
-Improve educational technology awareness, digital age knowledge & technology literacy, in alignment with state (METS – Michigan Educational Technology Standards and Expectations) and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards for students, teachers and administrators for transforming teaching and learning.
-Increase teachers’ comfort level and skills using technology tools and applications for instruction and assessment.
-Promote professional learning networks to support educators in staying current with emerging technologies and trends in education.
-Provide cross-curricular support for technology infused projects in the K-12 classroom for teachers and their students.

Explore 21 Things projects for “just-in-time” learning, request classroom support for online instruction, maker or media projects, attend online or face-to-face professional learning sessions offered to help teachers dive in for transformative teaching and learning.

Offices located at:
LISD Fireside Building,
4107 N. Adrian Highway
Adrian, MI 49221

Sue SummerfordCoordinator - Educational Technology Consultant, Director REMC 19W
  • 517.265.1605
Ann SmartCoordinator - Educational Technology Consultant
  • 517.265.1694
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Lenawee TRIG/Online Assessment Support:

Visit the Lenawee TRIG Support page for resources in support of online assessment and the Michigan Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG) activities.

-Checklist: Technology Skills for Students