LCEF Campaigns

Student Scholarships – Student scholarships represent the LCEF’s single largest area of student support. In 2015, the LCEF awarded $326,550 through 318 separate student scholarships. Student scholarships provide Lenawee County students and families with financial support that assists them in pursuing higher education. Scholarship eligibility varies and is generally established by the donor.

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Teacher Mini-Grants – As school budgets tighten, Lenawee County school districts have found it more and more difficult to provide essential services, let alone providing funding for innovative instructional resources for teachers, their classrooms and students. In partnership with United Bank and Trust, the LCEF has created the teacher mini-grant program to provide funding (up to $500) to Lenawee County teachers and student support personnel to assist them in pursuing innovative projects or programs that would not otherwise be feasible.

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Lenawee Intermediate School District

The Lenawee Intermediate School District (LISD) is Lenawee County’s regional education service provider. The LISD provides direct student instruction in the areas of: special education, early childhood education, adult education, alternative education and career and technical education. The LISD provides educational support services in the areas of: professional development, curriculum consultation, data services, technology, career preparation and many other areas that are more efficiently delivered through regional service models.

Support the LISD and Lenawee County educational initiatives through your support of the following LISD sponsored programs and projects.

LISD Center for a Sustainable Future Campus Development

The LISD Center for a Sustainable Future campus is a 75 acre learning laboratory located at 4260 Tipton Highway in Adrian Township. The campus is currently home to the LISD TECH Center Agri-Tech program. As a result of the planned expansion of JCC at LISD TECH, the LISD is planning the relocation of the Ornamental Horticulture program as well as the LISD’s STEM and environmental education programs to the campus.

Upon its completion, the LISD Center for a Sustainable Future campus will be a state-of-the art educational campus that embodies environmental sustainability. The campus will offer the entire Lenawee community hands-on learning experiences in agriscience, biology, alternative energy, and ways to reduce carbon and nitrogen footprints. The LISD in partnership with Adrian College, Siena Heights University, Jackson Community College, MSU Extension – Lenawee, the Lenawee Economic Development Corporation and the Lenawee County Superintendent’s Association are working towards the development of an environmentally sensitive campus that meets the needs of all project partners.

The LISD Center for a Sustainable Future campus development project is currently in the initial stages of site planning and design.

Innovative Secondary Schools Initiative

The economic uncertainty with which Michigan has struggled to overcome has placed a serious strain on Lenawee County local school budgets. Local school districts are struggling to maintain their core infrastructure and have virtually no discretionary revenue available for the kinds of innovative programming that will ensure our students are adequately prepared for success in the 21st century.

Seeing that need, the LISD created the Innovative Secondary Schools Initiative (ISSI), through the provision of $250,000 of LISD funds which were disseminated to Lenawee public school districts based upon each district’s total student population. Grant awards ranged from as high as $34,000 (for those districts with 3,000 or more students) to as low as $15,000 (for those districts with less than $15,000 students).

Local districts were required to submit a proposal to the LISD with detailed information about how they intended to utilize the funds, explaining how their project would improve student achievement and what their anticipated outcomes would be. Schools were responsible for self evaluation of their project and have been required to report their findings back to the LISD.

LISD STEM Services

The LISD STEM Services department partners with the Hillsdale-Lenawee-Monroe Mathematics and Science Center and the Stubnitz Environmental Education Center to support and guide Lenawee County students to STEM related professions – through rigorous academic programs, associated field experiences and exposure to career opportunities. Student programs include: career exploratory camps, science fair, science Olympiads, and environmental education field trips. Professional development and support is also provided for teachers to modify and enhance STEM Curricula in Lenawee County schools.

LISD Stubnitz Environmental Education Program

The LISD Stubnitz Environmental Education Program provides hands-on and active learning experiences for K-12 students in Lenawee County. During the 2014-2015 school year, nearly 1600 students participate in environmental programs, which were offered for grades K-8, as well as the high school “Exploring Ecology” program.

Community support, through sponsorships, is necessary to sustain Lenawee’s Environmental Student Field Trip Programs. Your contribution will help extend environmental appreciation and stewardship principles to K-12 students, children, college interns, and community members of Lenawee County.

Please consider supporting the LISD Stubnitz Environmental Education Program through one of the following available sponsorship opportunities.

Individual and corporate sponsors will be recognized on the LISD website, at the Stubnitz Environmental Education Center open houses, at the annual dinner auction, and on the LISD TV station (channel 22).

Donations may be made using the provided form, or may be made online by selecting the LISD Stubnitz Environmental Education Programs under the program descriptions link on the online giving page of the LCEF website. Please note that gifts will be accepted in any amount.

The LISD TECH Center features 27 career and technical education classes available to Lenawee County high school students. Dual enrollment is available to students to earn college credit while still attending high school. Students also receive career counseling services.

Special Education Services
The LISD Special Education Department provides administrators, teachers, teacher assistants, support staff and related services staff (i.e. school psychologists, school social workers, speech and language pathologists, physical/occupational therapists and teacher consultants) to all LISD operated programs as well as to all 12 public school districts, private schools and registered homes within Lenawee County.

LISD Young Children Services
The LISD Young Children’s Services offers children 0-5 years of age and their families developmental assessment, evaluation, and coordination of services; Lenawee’s CHILD (an interactive learning experience between parent and child); preschool services through the Careers in Early Childhood Development (LISD TECH Center course); and special education services for infants and preschoolers.

JCC/LISD Academy
The JCC/LISD Academy is a regional middle college providing Lenawee County students with an opportunity to obtain both a high school degree and up to 60 transferrable college credits or an associate’s degree in five years.