Safety Drill Requirements

Governor Snyder signed Public Act 12 of 2014, which modifies the frequency and recording requirements for school safety drills. Effective July 1, 2014, any school that operates “any of grades” kindergarten to 12 must conduct at least:

  • Five (5) fire drills per school year. Three (3) of those drills must take place by December 1. There must be a reasonable interval between each drill;
  • Two (2) tornado safety drills per school year. At least one (1) of those drills must take place in March; and
  • Three (3) “lockdown” drills per school year, including security measures appropriate to an emergency “such as the release of hazardous material or the presence of a potentially dangerous individual on or near the premises.” At least one of those drills must take place by December 1 and at least one after January 1. There must be a reasonable interval between each drill.

Additionally, one of the above-listed drills must occur during lunch, recess, or at another time when a significant number of students are gathered but not in a classroom. Section 19 of the Fire Prevention Code requires that school officials document completed school safety drills on the school’s website within 30 schools days after the drill is completed and maintain this information on the website for at least three (3) years.
This information must include:

  • school name
  • school year of the drill
  • date and time of the drill
  • type of drill
  • number and type of drill completed during the school year
  • signature of the school principal or designee acknowledging the completion of the drill
  • name of the individual in charge of conducting the drill, if other than the school principal

LISD Safety Drill Reports

Porter CenterTECH CenterTrenton Hills Learning Center
Fire Drill, 09/16/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Dril, AM, 09/23/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, 09/22/14 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill, 10/06/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, PM, 09/23/14 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown, 10/07/14 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill, 10/23/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, AM, 09/29/14 (RTF/RTF)Fire Drill, 10/22/14 (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill, 11/18/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, PM, 09/29/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, 11/10/14 (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill, 02/12/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, AM, 10/06/14 (PDF/RTF)Shelter in Place, 03/05/15 (PDF/RTF)
Tornado Drill, 04/1/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, PM, 10/06/14 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown, 03/17/15 (PDF/RTF)
Tornado Drill, 03/10/15 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill, AM, 10/22/14 (PDF/RTF)Tornado Drill, 05/26/15 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill, 05/20/15 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill, PM, 10/22/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 9/30/15 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drills, 09/16 and 10/07/15 (PDF/RTF)Secure Mode Drill, AM, 12/18/14 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 10/07/15 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 05/11/16 (PDF/RTF)Secure Mode Drill, PM, 12/18/14 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill 11/04/15 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 06/06/16 (PDF/RTF)Tornado Drill, AM, 03/19/15 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill 01.15.16 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 07/13/16 (PDF/RTF)Tornado Drill, PM, 03/19/15 (PDF/RTF)Tornado Drill 02.10.16 (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill 11/12/15 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill, AM, 04/01/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 03.30.16 (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill 02/16/16 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill, PM, 04/01/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 04.27.16 (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill 06/02/16 (PDF/RTF)Tornado Drill, AM, 04/13/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 05.18.16 (PDF/RTF)
Tornado Safety Drill 03/21/16 (PDF/RTF)Tornado Drill, PM, 04/13/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 05.27.16 (PDF/RTF)
Tornado Safety Drill 04/18/16 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, AM, 04/21/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 09.28.16 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 09/13/16 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, PM, 04/21/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 10.14.16 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 10/18/16 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill, AM, 05/07/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 01.09.17 (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 11/16/16  (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill AM #1 9/17/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill   (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 2/08/17  (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill PM #1 9/17/15 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill 05.18.17  (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 04/27/17 (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill AM #2 9/28/15 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill 10.24.16  (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill 02/07/17 (PDF/PDF)Fire Drill PM #2 9/28/15 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill 11.10.16 (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill 03/13/17  (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill AM #3 10/26/15 (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill 3.20.17 (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill 05/17/17  (PDF/RTF)Fire Drill PM #3 10/26/15Tornado Drill 02.21.17 (PDF/RTF)
Tornado Drill 04/17/17  (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill AM 11/02/15Tornado Drill 04.25.17  (PDF/RTF)
Tornado Drill 05/17/17  (PDF/RTF)Lockdown Drill PM 11/02/15
Lockdown Drill AM 12_14_15
Lockdown Drill PM_12_14_15
Lockdown Drill 03_03_16 AM
Lockdown Drill 03_03_16 PM
Severe Weather Drill AM 03_30_16
Severe Weather Drill PM 03/30/16 (PDF/RTF)
Severe Weather Drill 04/18/16 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 05/06/16 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 05/18/16 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 09/12/16 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 10/05/16 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Secure Mode Drill 10/13/16 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Fire Drill 10/19/16 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Lockdown Drill 01/09/17 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Secure Mode Drill 02/27/17 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)
Tornado Drill 03/13/17 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)

Fire Drill 04/17/17 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)

Tornado Drill 04/21/17 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)

Fire Drill 05/10/17 AM (PDF/RTF) PM (PDF/RTF)