How to request support?

Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to use the Service Desk to report a “PROBLEM” and to request a “NEW SERVICE”. As always, if you encounter issues with this process please contact IT support via email at or call 517-265-1690.

Via Browser

  1. Open any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and more)
  2. Type in the Service Desk address:
  3. Logon using your credentials

NEW REQUEST – I would like…

Requesting new support services, these are services that you didn’t currently have. This would include information, advice, standard changes or for access to an IT service. Requests are adddressed according to urgency and normally require pre-authorization.


  • Access – Doors, Folders, Services and others
  • Installing hardware or software
  • Moves

PROBLEM – I am having a problem with my…

A problem is an unplanned event that has disrupts or reduces the quality of an existing service and negatively affects customer productivity. Problems are addressed according to priority levels by assessing impact and urgency.


  • Unable to do what I have previously been able to do
  • Repair or a fix
  • Unable to send or receive email
  • Cannot connect to wireless network