Information Technology Support

The Lenawee Intermediate School District (LISD) Information Technology Department (ITD) provides a wide range of robust, reliable, and secure technology services targeted at supporting the LISD’s mission and vision. The ITD delivers contemporary technology services to students and staff of the LISD and its constituent school districts that elect to contract for IT services. The IT support team (formally known as the Help Desk) assists with troubleshooting technical problems and provides guidance, service, and support about technology products and services such as computers, electronic equipment, software and other technology services.

Stakeholder Support

Stakeholders First, not Technology First

The LISD ITD views its stakeholders as the students, staff, and community users of the LISD’s technology network and systems as well as the stakeholders within those LISD constituent districts that contract with the LISD for IT services to the LISD ITD desires to: establish and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our stakeholders through open communication and feedback; and strive for continuous improvement by measuring our performance against our stakeholders’ expectations and industry standards.


Collaboration and Partnership
The ITD proudly serves Lenawee County’s students and school district’s. In addition the LISD ITD has the great privilege and responsibility of providing technology, support and leadership to the Lenawee County IT collaborative. This IT collaborative represents the mutually beneficial partnership of 4 school districts (LISD, Sand Creek Community Schools, Britton Deerfield Schools and Addison Community Schools).

School Districts4
Computer Devices2,500 +

In addition the LISD provides on-site technical support service via contract for Adrian Public Schools, Addison Community Schools, the Britton Deerfield School District, Clinton Community Schools and Sand Creek Community Schools, which cumulatively consists of providing on-site personnel 11 days each week during the course of the school year.