Staff Recognition

The LISD recognizes exceptional staff through the Staff of the Month award and our annual Staff Recognition Reception. Follow the links below for names of the recent recipients.

Staff Recognition Reception

The 2014-15 Annual Staff Recognition Reception was held on June 5, 2015 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Madison School District Performing Arts Center.

Nomination Process

If you wish to nominate staff, please for the 2015-16 school year, consult the Staff Recognition Brochure (PDF) (RTF) for the categories. Staff will be advised by e-mail in the spring when and where to send their nominations.

2014-15 Program (PDF) (RTF)
Staff Recognition Cumulative Winner List (PDF) (RTF)

Staff of the Month

The LISD is proud of the hard work its employees contribute every month. The following employees have gone beyond the call of duty and proved themselves to be extremely helpful and handy to the districts they serve and to their peers.

Staff of the Month – Past Years (PDF) (RTF)
Staff of the Month Nomination Form (PDF) (RTF)


July 2015: David Atkinson (PDF) (RTF)
August 2015: Kelly Higgins (PDF) (RTF)
September 2015: Jake Graf (PDF) (RTF)
October 2015: Jane Castle, Kim Dusseau, Edith Hong, Stan Masters (PDF) (RTF)
November 2015: Melissa Krzyzaniak (PDF) (RTF)
December 2015: Greg Marten (PDF) (RTF)
January 2016: Pat Mueller (PDF) (RTF)
February 2016: Cody Mathis (PDF) (RTF)
March 2016: Chris Howard (PDF) (RTF)
April 2016: Ellen Bradstreet (PDF) (RTF)
May 2016: Elizabeth Nelson (PDF) (RTF)