Pest Management

Common Pest Fact Sheets:

Ants (PDF) (RTF)

Carpenter Bees (PDF) (RTF)

Flying Ants (PDF) (RTF)

Boxelder Bugs (PDF) (RTF)

Wasps (PDF) (RTF)

IPM Manual

IPM Introduction (PDF) (RTF)


Ants (PDF) (RTF)

Aphids (PDF) (RTF)

Cockroaches (PDF) (RTF)

Fleas (PDF) (RTF)

Flies (PDF) (RTF)

Head Lice (PDF) (RTF)

Mice (PDF) (RTF)

Mosquitoes (PDF) (RTF)

Occasional Invaders (PDF) (RTF)

Plants (PDF) (RTF)

Slugs and Snails (PDF) (RTF)

Spiders (PDF) (RTF)

Stinging Insects (PDF) (RTF)

Stored Product Pest (PDF) (RTF)

Termites (PDF) (RTF)

Turf (PDF) (RTF)

Other Resources:



National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides

State of Michigan

Symbio’s Non-Toxic Pest Management Index


Journal of Pesticide Reform

The IPM Practitioner

Common Sense Pest Control

Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly

Phone Numbers:

EnviroSafe, Inc.: (800) 226-0418 or (616) 364-1890

State of Michigan: (800) 335-3838 or (616) 356-0600

BioIntegral Resource Center: (510) 524-2567

IPM Institute of North America, INC. (608) 232-1528