Incident Report & Procedure


PESG Incident Report (PDF) (RTF)

LISD Incident Report (PDF) (RTF)

Accident/Injury Procedure:

If you experience a life threatening accident/injury, 911 should be called immediately.

After calling 911, notification to the supervisor and/or to Cindy Farmer (265-1632) or Julie Emmons (265-1607) in Staff Resources to facilitate the Worker’s Comp insurance notification of accident/injury. A Medical Incident/Accident Report should be signed by the supervisor and forwarded to Staff Resources within 24 hours after the reporting of the accident/injury.

If accident/injury is not life threatening, contact Cindy Farmer (265-1632) or Julie Emmons (265-1607) for authorization to be treated at one of the designated facilities for the LISD. An appointment will be scheduled for you, the authorization form will need to be picked-up from Staff Resources prior to being seen in the clinic.

After being seen at the clinic, paperwork from the clinic must be returned to Staff Resources. A Medical Incident/Accident Report must be submitted to Staff Resources within 24 hours after a report of accident/injury.