Our Work

Special Education Services – The LISD Special Education Department provides administrators, teachers, teacher assistants, support staff and related services staff (i.e. school psychologists, school social workers, speech and language pathologists, physical/occupational therapists and teacher consultants) in all LISD operated programs as well as in all 12 public school districts, private schools and registered homes within Lenawee County.

Adult Special Education Services & Behavior Services – The LISD administers programs for individuals with cognitive impairments at the HOPE Center in Adrian, provides work support services and Adrian High and Middle Schools and provides educational programming for students with emotional and behavioral impairments through the Laura Haviland Program.

LISD Young Children Services – The LISD Young Children’s Services offers children 0-5 years of age and their families developmental assessment, evaluation, and coordination of services; Lenawee’s CHILD (an interactive learning experience between parent and child); preschool services through the Careers in Early Childhood Development (LISD TECH Center course); and special education services for infants and preschoolers.

Technology and Staff Development – The LISD Technology and Staff Development Department provides full technological support to LISD staff and facilitates and facilitates school improvement for LISD programs.

Center for Educational Materials and Technology – CEMaT services include: loan library for educational and technology resources; current software and computer stations; use of the Creative Corner and Multimedia Support Center; and the ITV Lab (interactive television). CEMaT offers web resources for home use, such as: NetTrekker d.i. (differentiated instruction), Gale Databases and Discovery United Streaming.

LISD TECH Center – The LISD TECH Center features 28 career and technical education classes available to Lenawee County high school students. Dual enrollment is available to students to earn college credit while still attending high school. Students also receive career counseling services.

Adult Learning Services @ LISD TECH Center – Tuition based, online, and face-to-face opportunities (morning, afternoon, & evening classes) are offered for adults in various enrichment areas such as automotive repair/maintenance, cooking, arts, gardening, horticulture, computer applications, finances, and much more! Businesses can also take advantage of customized trainings for their employees. Over 175 classes are offered to more than 1,500 adult learners per year.

LISD Multicultural Programs – The LISD administers the Japanese exchange programs, which provides an opportunity for Lenawee County middle and high school students to experience Japan. Additionally, multicultural leadership development, and events are offered and supported for students and families through the LISD.

Hillsdale-Lenawee-Monroe Mathematics and Science Center – In partnership with the Hillsdale, Lenawee, and Monroe County ISD’s, the HLM M/S Center offers support of innovative K-12 mathematics and science education in the Tri-County area. Services offered include: Leadership in State-Wide Initiatives, Student Services (Science Fair/Science Olympiad), Professional Development, Community Involvement, and a Resource Clearinghouse.

Stubnitz Environmental Education Programs – Lenawee Intermediate School District Stubnitz Environmental Education programs (LISD SEEP) offer field experiences for Lenawee County students. Designed in accordance with Michigan Science Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) and High School Contents Expectations (HSCEs) for grades K-12, these programs use a variety of inquiry activities, simulations, and hands-on experiences with the natural environment. Environmental education is presented in an interdisciplinary format of age-appropriate programs.

Instructional and School Support Services – LISD staff are available to assist with curriculum assessment and school improvement issues and questions. Various professional development opportunities are offered to all educators, administrators, and support staff.

LISD Career Preparation Services – The Career Preparation System (K-16) is designed to give all students a “jump-start” to their career by expanding options to explore a variety of career opportunities throughout their K-12 education. The system calls for strategies that emphasize the application of academics to the world beyond the classroom and provides all students with career exploration, guidance opportunities, and employability and technology skills. Students 7-12 grade, utilize a tool called Career Cruising in completing an Educational Development Plan (EDP).

LISD PREP Academy – The LISD PREP Academy is an alternative school on the LISD TECH Center campus offered for teenage parents. Free on-site licensed child care is provided for enrolled students.

Lenawee County Education Foundation (LCEF) – The LCEF utilizes community donations to provide financial support for innovative educational programs and creative programs that are not ordinarily provided through a school’s general operating budget. The LCEF also administers funds for and awards hundreds of college scholarships to Lenawee County students annually.