LISD Adult Transition Support Services (ATSS) Students Donate Blankets to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

LISD TECH Center Adult Transition Support Services (ATSS)  students visited the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital on February 20, 2017, to donate 5 blankets they made.  While learning new skills like following a pattern and cutting and using a sewing machine, students were able to make a flannel quilt and fleece blankets for the young Mott’s patients.  This was a special event to culminate a project that has taken students nearly a year to complete.  Students not only donated the blankets but also received a tour of Mott’s Hospital and then many sculptures and special exhibits there.  Many thanks to ATSS families and community partners for providing supplies and sewing instruction.    

For more information about this LISD Program ,  contact:

Kelly Higgins
Transition Instructor
LISD-Adult Transition Support Services
South Campus Location
Adrian, MI 49221

Pictured above:
Left-Right on left side of box:  Nathan Arno, Brennie Roulo, Brandon Johnson, William Northrup, Jessica Rutan, Kelly-staff
Left-Right on right of box:  Tyler Barker, Maurice Crumb, Buddy Hale, Isaac Gafner, Kevin-UofM, Zach Reiser, Jessica Gallatin

Pictured below: Jalynn Borck (Hudson)

LISD TECH Center Adult Transition Student Services (ATSS)  students visited Mott’s Children Hospital today (President’s Day)  to donate 5 blankets they made.